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Garena Free Fire, also known as Free Fire, is a battle royale video game developed by 111 Dots Studio. Garena published it on iOS and Android. It was the most downloaded mobile app worldwide in 2019. It was still the most downloaded mobile game in 2019 and 2020.

It competed against PUBG for the title of “Most downloaded game”. The Google Play Store gave the game the title “Most Popular Vote Game” in 2019. Free Fire had more than 80 million active users per day as of May 2020. Free Fire had earned more than $1 billion in worldwide sales as of November 2019. Free Fire now has more than 500M downloads.

Overview of Fire Fire

High-quality Survival Shooter Game. You will be placed on an isolated island and will have to face 49 other players all searching for survival. Each game lasts 10 minutes. Players can choose where they want to start with their parachute, and try to stay as safe as possible.

The creators added many new features and enhancements to the game in order to increase the excitement. Let’s dive deeper into the details. You must kill everyone to win the game. It lasts for 10 minutes. You will be transported to a distant battlefield, where you must use your parachute to reach your final destination. You can’t stay still for too long so choose a starting point. Online players and the decreasing zone can reduce or kill your power.

Explore the vast map by driving a vehicle, hiding in trenches or becoming invisible under grass. Survive, ambush, snipe there is only one goal: to survive, answer the call of duty and search for weapons. Loot your enemies, remain in the play zone and be the last man standing. You will find legendary airdrops along the way. Avoid airstrikes to gain an edge over the other players.

In less than 10 minutes, you will see a new survivor with easy to manage abilities

Smooth graphics promise the best survival experience on mobile, to help you immortalize yourself among the legends. The map is accessible to players who are able to explore it.

Free Fire is a large file. It was compressed in order to make a compressed version. This game is very popular. In battle royale classic mode, there is a new mission.

How’s the experience?

Free Fire Battlegrounds is easier to use than other mobile games. You can use crawl, crouch and standing movements as the main player. The game uses a semi-automatic shoot mode, in which the target point turns red to indicate the exact location.

There are multiple safe zones in the game that you can use to rest and protect your health from radiation. These zones become smaller as the game progresses. The play is only ten minutes long, but the goal is to save your energy until the end.

You will need to buy guns, grenades and other items in order to gain more power in the battle royale game. You can also purchase multiple health packs to help you get through the game. To purchase cars, you can also use ‘diamonds” and other in-game objects.

It has easy to use guns and vehicles. This action game allows you to navigate through the different moves by using the on-screen compass. You can’t shoot at other players while driving a car. You can however go on a killing spree by running over other players. Despite the fact that the visuals are dated in some sequences, you will still be captivated by the background music.

The Key Features of Free Fire

  • Realistic and intense wilderness survival.
  • Ultra HD visuals have been reworked, and improved.
  • You will enjoy unique effects and a simpler gameplay.
  • As part of the next update, there are new types and variations of characters. A new character can be purchased easily.
  • Rage art and rage drive can be used when your power is too low.
  • Every year, this tournament takes place around the world.
  • You can hide, forage, or engage in combat to survive.
  • Maps with high levels of detail
  • You will receive more individual attention.
  • The best aural effect.
  • This series features compelling players such as Akuma and Fakhurmam. Steve Fox, Paul, Zafina and many more.
  • Battleground is the best option.
  • The free-fire situation is superior
  • This is the best fighting game to make every Free Fire series fan.
  • The graphics are amazing.
  • It doesn’t matter if you play online or offline.

Maximum requirements for the Free Fire

Free Fire is an enhanced version of the Free Fire video game. It includes significant visuals and additional elements. To play this game, you need at least 1.5GB of storage space on your portable priority. To play the game smoothly, you will need at least 2GB RAM. We recommend that you have 4GB RAM or more RAM widgets.

How to install the Free Fire using APK and OBB files

Gamers are advised to download the first file mentioned below. The APK file must be located and installed. Players should however toggle the “Unknown Source” option whenever they are prompted.

Players have to copy the downloaded OBB file and place it successfully in the required directory – Android/OBB/com.dts.freefireth.

Players who are unable to find the folder they want must create it. Gamers can also download APK files and launch Free Fire MAX immediately to access the OBB file.

Once the file is copied successfully, gamers are free to play.

Free Fire OBB File Free Download Highly Compressed File, Click Here to Download the


Garena Free Fire, a highly successful and challenging online battle royale game by 111 dots studios, is now available for mobile devices. It is a fun, adventure-driven online battle game.

It is one the most downloaded mobile games on Google Play Store with over 1 billion downloads. Each player has their own strategy, which includes landing in a position, acquiring weapons and supplies, as well as fighting an enemy.

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